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One of our chief goals is to improve the tennis experience through innovation and objective analysis.

We believe that access to objective technical analysis is critical to enable modern athletes to make sound choices about equipment use. We hope to help lead this trend toward a more competitive market which will lead to generally better products in a faster cycle, long term thinking about innovation, and most importantly an improved tennis experience. Welcome to BOLT Racquet Lab!

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Professional Acknowledgements

BOLT has made a giant leap into the future of 3D modeling and manufacturing. This would not be possible without the support of Dessault Systeme SolidWorks Corp. SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling software is state of the art for all design and manufacturing, and we're extremely pleased to have such amazing capacity at our disposal.

Technical Footnotes:

  1. All illustrations are intended for comparative analysis only.

  2. Comparison of theoretical models.

Tech Driven Growth

It's safe to say that the design and performance of tennis equipment, and racquets in particular, have been the target of focus as both an art and a science since the earliest days of the game. A brief glance through etchings, drawings, photos and patents makes clear the depth of thought and creativity that have gone into the field over more than 100 years.

BOLT celebrates this rich history. We know that tennis players often develop "special" relationships with their racquets. It is a players' direct connection to the ball and the game itself and the most experienced players will invariably have a long list of very specific preferences including the weight and balance, grip size, string tension and type, to name just a few.

It's this special relationship of player and racquet that has made technological breakthroughs in racquet design particularly impactful over the history of the game. A single significant shift in technological capacity has often fueled major leaps in interest and participation, as well as changes in the way the game is played.

We hope to provide the innovation spark for growth. We're committed to making the game easier to play, more comfortable, and more powerful than ever before.

Partner Acknowledgements

There are all kinds of people and organizations to thank for helping BOLT get to the next square - you know who you are. Thanks to all of the BOLT Members for continued support, faith, and commitment to the game.

Contact Info

BOLT Sports

PO Box 231112

New York, NY  10023

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