New Era of Racquet Performance

Strong-Stable Frame


Dynamically Responsive String-bed


Power, Control, and Comfort


High-Impact Tennis

BOLT has built a racquet from the ground up for modern high-impact tennis.

The modern game is primarily about power. Players want more power and more power means stiffer frames. In order to generate enough spin to control the power, strings have to be stiffer too. As rackets and strings get stiffer, impact forces to players' arms increase significantly.


To make things worse, stiffer frames are relatively brittle and far less capable of absorbing energy than wood, for example. Today's racket is far less a buffer between the ball and the body, but more of a conductor, shooting vibration and impact force waves of all frequencies directly into players' arms.

It's clear that the trend toward power will continue, and impact forces are only going to rise. At some point something has to give, literally. It's not an accident that arm and shoulder injuries have increased sharply, particularly at the tour level.


Tennis at advanced levels has changed significantly through more than two decades of carbon composite rackets, and yet rackets themselves haven't really changed at all.

BOLT understands that rackets must evolve too. We have been inspired to develop a fresh approach with a new design model specifically suited for the modern game. The result of our research and development is the ZIPSTRIP. The future of rackets is here today!

Tech Driven Growth

​​It's safe to say that the design and performance of tennis equipment and racquets in particular, have been the target of focus as both an art and a science since the earliest days of the game. A brief glance through etchings, drawings, photos and patents makes clear the depth of thought and creativity that have gone into the field over more than 100 years.  Brief History of Racquet Design - BOLT

At BOLT we celebrate this rich history in our pursuit of advanced innovation in racquet science. We know that tennis players often develop special "relationships" with their racquets. It's a player's direct connection to the ball and the game itself, and the most experienced players will invariably have a long list of preferred specifications.

It's this unique relationship of player and racquet that has made technological breakthroughs in racquet design particularly impactful over the history of the game. A single significant shift in technological capacity has often fueled major leaps in interest and participation, as well as changes in the way the game is played.

We hope to provide a spark of innovation for tennis. We're committed to making the game easier to play, more comfortable, and more powerful than ever before.

New Design Model

In applying the engineering model of suspension to racquets, and utilizing the latest in high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques, BOLT has moved past the conventional paradigm and raised the bar for racquet performance to an extraordinary new level. The time of bone-rattling off-center shots, arm and shoulder torturing ball impacts, loss of ball control at high-speeds, and embedded compromise is over.

The BOLT is a dynamically responsive instrument, not just a stick with strings.

One of our chief goals is to help improve the tennis experience through innovation and objective analysis.

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